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The OWA LEAVEN Award was first presented in 2016. Its purpose is to recognize those members who have served OWA faithfully for many years. Leaven (yeast) is a small element that can interact and influence everything around it. It causes other ingredients to be transformed for good. Recipients of this award, to an outstanding degree, have acted as “leaven” to OWA.

A county can nominate any member in good standing with OWA.  Please submit the name of a person whom you feel is outstanding and deserving of recognition for their efforts in agriculture and the OWA. List the qualities and contributions that you feel are appropriate to OWA. There is to be only one nominee per chapter.  Applications are due by December 1 to the State Executive Board for consideration. One award per year will be presented at State Convention.

Selection will be based on the individual’s traits in:

L – Loyalty to the mission of OWA.

E – Enthusiasm

A – Anticipatory (thinks and plans ahead)

V – Valiant (has courage)

E – Effectiveness

N – Nurturing (Encourages and helps develop talents and skills of others)

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